What is Ricchezze Umane’s Purpose? We believe the evolution of individuals and of organizations is grounded in awareness and presence. Our Purpose is to support this evolution, which produces the Three States of Wellbeing:
  • Individual: each person continues to develop and finds meaning in what they do, allowing them to offer their own contribution and their own talent to the organization, because they are appreciated and encouraged to do so.
  • Social: within the organization, people find the climate ideal for creating meaningful relationships. They feel encouraged, there is a strong sense of belonging and teamwork. Outside the company, the social context in which the organization operates also reaps the benefits and gains sustainability.
  • Financial: a healthy company, with its accounts in order, good profits, good shareholder dividends and total customer satisfaction.
How do we work? Ricchezze Umane challenges the status quo and continuously raises the bar for performance, gently mining the depths. We do not rush and that makes us fast. We provide practice, approaches and concrete tools that:
  • Find a way for you to release all your potential
  • Promote the creativity inherent in us all
  • Make use of the art of leadership
  • Help develop the awareness, presence and effectiveness of staff
  • Bring to the surface the emerging future of the entire organization and of each individual
Who are our subjects? Our “learning partners” are leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who want to help create a meaningful company culture, one that offers its clients, employees, shareholders and society as a whole the kind of wealth that establishes a civil economy. If you want this, too, we are at your service
How do we perceive Human Beings? We see each human being as their “Ego”, their “spiritual individuality”. The Ego is used in the consciousness’ journey towards evolution, a journey of experiences gained by all the dimensions of the human being – the physical and the more “subtle” ones.
How do we see your organization? Your company is a human creation, the ideal playing ground for the “Ego” to learn about itself and evolve. The interpersonal relationships that are woven into company processes offer daily opportunities for everyone to get to know themselves and show their talents.
What do the “Ricchezze Umane” trademark and logo mean? We believe all human beings are called upon to express their priceless internal “Ricchezze”, or wealth. Referring to the people working within an organization as “human resources” is thus a very reductive term: we believe “ricchezze umane”, or human wealth, is more accurate.   The logo to the left of our name is a human being within its aura, extending upwards to represent how we are constantly drawn towards evolution.