People capable of responding

Presence, awareness, knowing how to respond to the diverse situations that the complexity of life and business present in today’s workplace: this is what the best organisations need today.

SKnowing how to foresee the consequences of one’s actions and their inevitable impact on all systems involved will be expected more and more of each of us, as people and as managers. This is responsibility.

Each member of an organisation is thus required to increase his own responsibility, change any victim-like behaviour and take back his power to be significant in future events and results.

Preparing company personnel for this shift is modern organisations’ greatest challenge, and this is exactly what we specialize in: positioning ourselves beside the summits of farsighted companies.

The meaning of the trademark “Ricchezze Umane”

We believe that every human being is on a path of growth and personal evolution, and that through one’s profession – essentially a special training ground for life – one can express his invaluable interior “riches” and put them to use in society.

So we find that speaking of “human resources” in organisations when referring to the people who work for you extremely limited; “human riches”, on the other hand, is more accurate.

Our trademark suggests a human being striving for something higher, deep inside his aura, with which to express the driving force towards personal improvement and evolution.