Organisations, Living organisms

Every organisation is a human creation composed of human beings.
Naturally, there are other components: structure, resources, capital. But it is the human factor that constitutes the true essence of the organisation.
Our vision of organisation is that of a living, social organism and, as such, the expression of a tripartition made up of three spheres:


  • the economic sphere
  • the social sphere
  • the individual sphere


The economic sphere is relative to the goals and tasks for which the organization exists,
for example, responding to a need and offering a specific service with maximum client satisfaction, resulting in an economic return for the business.

The social sphere relates to interaction between individuals, manifesting itself through communication, cooperation, collaboration, rules and all that contributes to a situation of interaction and exchange as the basis of the social system at the heart of the organisation.

The individual sphere relates to the personal and professional evolution of the single individual, to the expression and realization of his talents and potential, his aspirations, the achievement of new faculties and attitudes.
The organisation, as a living organism, achieves maximum potential when these three spheres are in harmony with each other.