Horizontal Leadership

Vertical and horizontal dimensions differentiate management from leadership.

The vertical and hierarchical dimension is a management process in which people are considered above all “human resources” rather than individuals with their own personalities and singularities. It’s oriented around work organisation and management, problem solving, planning and control, coordination. It requires much discipline. This approach is necessary when concentration is on results.

Leadership, on the other hand, is concerned with guidance, with creating the best conditions and space so that things will happen.
Creation and guidance require an environment of dialogue where the human element is free to emerge.
To inspire insight, knowing when to intervene at the right moment and in the appropriate manner, are elements which conform to leadership, finding its best expression in the horizontal dimension, that of service.

Which style of leadership do conscious leaders need?

Leadership based on dialogue and the individual, able to::

  • guide in a strategic manner
  • arrive at completion involving others
  • create conditions which will enhance others’ performances
  • help people learn and contribute to their own self development

The increased complexities we experience today make vertical leadership ineffective.