The needs of the Corporate System

We’ve seen that organisations, as human creations, are composed of three spheres: economic, la social and individual. But there is another important tripartition comprised of three other distinct aspects:

  • Results
  • Behaviours
  • Fundamentals, the basis

These three aspects are present, at their origin, in all three of the spheres previously illustrated.
In the economic sphere: an organisation’s structural constraints – capital, resources, space, machinery, etc. – (fundamentals) lead to the activation of certain of company procedures (behaviours) which accordingly lead to decisive outcomes – economical, profitable, quotas, etc. – (results).

In the social sphere: an organisation’s being, what we call its culture or identity (fundamentals), induces its people to certain comportment during personal interaction (behaviour), leading to consequences on the level of cooperation and sense of belonging (results).

In the individual sphere: a person’s being (fundamentals) leads him to react in a particular way (behaviours) which naturally precipitates certain effects (results).

From this concept, corroborated by many years of experience in the field and with organisations of varying typologies, TRI-COACHING® came into being.
A form of Corporate Coaching aimed at the simultaneous development and betterment of the organisation in all nine aspects, as demonstrated by the Map of the ten aspects of an Organisation.