We have developed this approach in the field during our 20 years of experience. It integrates matters that others consider as separate entities (coaching, consulting, learning).

It is evolutionary, as it awakens the will to change in individuals: that allows us to create the right conditions for them to develop the awareness that the professional and personal spheres are the same thing and that the dynamics of each flow as if between connecting chambers. This allows people to feel the need and desire to strive towards their evolutionary duty.

This approach to Corporate Coaching makes use of knowledge and research we performed into individual adult learning, together with our peers abroad.

Each of our coaches has developed an awareness of the Thoughts, Feelings and Desires that manifest in our learning partners and in their organizations.

We take into account the “biographical” stage at which each organization finds itself and help it to accomplish the next evolutionary step. We do this acknowledging the existing talents upon which we can build, the cultural aspects that have become “caricatures” (and are dysfunctional as a result), the underlying fears driving behavior and decisions, and the development targets that loom ahead.

We then help both individual managers and existing teams to lay down new behaviors and approaches that will allow them to construct their desired cultural transition in a pragmatic way.

Our Evolutionary Corporate Coaching® has already proven to be extremely effective in various organizations, with clear results achieved in terms of improving company performance, allowing people to feel a better sense of achievement and belonging, better engagement, and developing managerial skills in individuals and teams.

We also teach this approach to other coaches and consultants through our International Corporate Coaching Program, an 18-month-long Master’s Program for senior coaches held at Lake Garda.