We are diligent about processes

As required by our Policy Quality and in line with the Ricchezze Umane company mission, the management of all company processes is governed by the requirements set forth under quality management system ISO 9001:2015. This system governs the organizational and technical activities in place across the entire company system, in a way that is systematic, planned, documented and aims to achieve the following:
  • Continued improvement of process management methods, in order that our qualitative and quantitative results are of continuously increasing standards;
  • Ensuring the activities the business pursues meet high levels of effectiveness and efficiency. This makes our products an excellent value and allows us to operate in full compliance with the commitments we make to our Partner Clients, including the related legal requirements.
The Quality Policy also makes it possible to achieve our targets: we strictly and meticulously adhere to the provisions of the Quality Manual, which sets forth and describes the quality management system in place at Ricchezze Umane. Certificato_ISO_9001
The organization’s management is committed to applying the quality management system in full and to its continuous evolution. Our goal is to consolidate and improve Ricchezze Umane’s reputation, which also requires the commitment and professionalism of every member of staff. Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente & Co.  S.a.s. see quality as both target and tool in:
  • Satisfying internal and external clients
  • Achieving excellent results
  • Properly analyzing the context in which the company operates
  • Properly assessing risks and opportunities
  • Respecting, protecting and promoting safety, the environment and privacy
  • Minimizing waste, in terms of time, costs and other resources.
Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente & Co. S.a.s. pursue these targets with:
  • An organization structured so as to prevent non-compliance
  • A service that rapidly and professionally meets the demands of our Partner Clients and that balances quality and efficiency
  • commitment to continuously improving how the company’s quality management system is run and its effectiveness.
In addition to our end Partner Clients, there is a series of “entities” within the company. They might be whole departments or just individual people, but each one must see their own Partner Client as “the other” and provide them with the best service, in order to achieve the company’s targets and continuously advance. That means that every employee or contractor at Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente & Co. S.a.s. is responsible for the quality of their own work as well as sharing responsibility for other company departments.    
The relationship between quality in its most general sense and its financial implications is widely known. In other words, if quality is lacking, this becomes clear through increased direct and indirect costs, whether obvious or latent. Furthermore, poor quality damages the company’s reputation and results and often puts safety, the environment and privacy at risk. That makes minimizing non-compliance in services, products and safety an objective for the entire organization. Everyone has a key role to play in achieving company-wide quality at all stages of the product and services supply process, by effectively and efficiently applying the quality management system and by continuously improving their ways of working, with awareness and by gaining further experience.
Management sees the present policy as a frame of reference for managing our own quality system and for setting and reexamining specific targets every year. The policy is shared with everyone who works with or for Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente & Co. S.a.s. and is made available to all other interested parties. Management decided to set forth a Code of Conduct as a vital tool to help us pursue our set targets in line with the Quality Policy. All staff and anyone else working with or for Ricchezze Umane and Corrado Docente & Co. S.a.s. and is shared alongside the present policy.
  1. Give Partner Clients technical and commercial information that is clear and truthful, in order to grant them the awareness required to make informed, suitable choices.
  2. Build a relationship with Partner Clients that adheres to the principle of productive B2B collaboration.
  3. Handle issues by identifying what has been agreed upon and finding compromises where there is disagreement. Work towards consolidation, by seeking to meet each side’s needs. The aim is to always build and never demolish.
  4. Always act appropriately towards our Partner Suppliers, avoiding personal relationships that could result in favoritism or discrimination and always remembering that no working environment exists beyond their relationship with the company.
  5. Conduct our own work assertively and passionately, working constructively together with all colleagues, intervening, supporting and correcting anyone who makes mistakes in their work or wastes company assets.
Lonato del Garda (Brescia), 22/01/2019