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Buon viaggio …

Otto Sharmer

Lesson 1: The essence of theory U and presencing – The blind spot

Lesson 2: Leadership is to shift the inner … – Sensing

Lesson 3: Three enemies – Connecting to source

Lesson 4 – Absencing – Prototyping

Lesson 5: Operating from the I-in-Now – Global transformation and Self

The blind spot of leadership – How to create deep innovation through moving from Egosystems to Ecosystems Awareness

Fred Kofman

Our purpose

A story of personal growth

The myth of being trapped by habits

I am stuck at the airport

How can the same situation be fulfilling …

How can you resolve a conflict when there are …

How can you recognize if a company is suffering …

A truth in the workplace…

Itay Talgam

Lead like the great conductors

Simon Sinek

How great leaders inspire action

Dan Pink

The puzzle of motivation


International Corporate Coaching Program

Viktor Frankl

Search for meaning

Finding meaning in difficult times

The will-to-meaning: Viktor Frankl and Logotherapy

Telephone interviews

Corrado Docente interview’s about the theme of biography