Executive Coaching

When a single leader, director, manager, entrepreneur decides to pursue a path towards betterment and ongoing development on the following themes:

  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • People management
  • Effective communication
  • Strategic Thought

Shadow Coaching®

Every human being harbours subconscious fears and insecurities.
They manifest themselves without warning and unwelcome in the work place and beyond.
They represent the shadows, or the double bind, impeding our efficiency and evolution.

Shadow coaching® is based on observation and constitutes a system of spontaneous, real-time learning.

Shadow coach®, through acute observation and feedback, creates a situation where it is possible to quickly modify non-productive, inefficient behaviour and language which even veteran leaders have subconsciously acquired over the course of time. This immediate awareness helps them to become more effective in brief periods of time.

Shadow Coaching® is Donna Karlin’s registered trademark.

Team Coaching

When an organisation seeks to create or improve its team’s work performance and modalities in the following areas:

  • Cooperation and team play
  • Project management
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Responsibility taking
  • Leadership management