about me

My name is Corrado Docente and in 1999 I founded RICCHEZZE UMANE (Human Riches), a company specializing in supportive assistance in the changes and development of organisations. Since 2003, I have been expanding my coaching abilities in Germany, Holland and Finland, specializing in Corporate and Executive Coaching. The desire to share the fruits of my research with colleagues and other entrepreneurs lead to the creation of ISAIA – Institute Superiore per l’Apprendimento dell’Individuo Adulto – in 2009. I was born in 1963. After studying economics, I furthered my experience first as a young entrepreneur and then as company manager in the sales and marketing sector. Later, I began my career in consulting and coaching. My personal interests lead me to the research and study of the human being from all points of view, but particularly regarding the learning experience.

I am an expert in Corporate and Executive Coaching, collaborating with important Italian and multinational organizations and also in conducting learning laboratories. Over a period of time, I have developed a coaching style called TRICOACHING® which is highly effective in helping people, managers and organisations to acquire greater consciousness and to learn from experience in a novel, enriching manner. I am a member of several Italian and European professional coaching networks, among which:

  • ASD Association for Social Development;
  • IMO Instituut voor Mens & Organisatieontwikkeling;
  • POSIC/EPOC European Partnership of Organisation Consulting;
  • NALM New Adult Learning Movement;
  • AXIALENT Conscious Business Consulting society, operating worldwide for the creation of conscious business;
  • CPC Comunità di Pratica di Coaching, first Italian centre dedicated to the exchange of coaching practices and experiences between professionals, founded in Milan in 2007.

I am also president of “Crescere Insieme Pedagogia” (Growing Together Pedagogy), a non-profit association specializing in the education of children and their parents in accordance with the Waldorf method, developed by Rudolf Steiner.
I love life and the splendid opportunities it offers us to evolve;
I love the sea, even though my wife has taught me to appreciate the mountains as well; and I enjoy spending my free time with my wife and children, watching them grow.
Throughout my life, I have been accompanied by two constant companions:
Creativity and change.