The word “formation” is obsolete and outdated; in fact, today there is absolutely nothing “to form.” “To form” implies something has been prefabricated, to pass down in order to give “form” to whomever is receiving it.
Today, prefabricated models cannot exist; at the moment they are conceived, they are already outdated in a world changing at a speed incomprehensible in the past.

The word “learning” reflects what we need to focus on, that is who is learning, and how that person learns, not based on any specific model. Here, the movement is quite the opposite: it involves bringing out that which is already learned, knowledge already possessed, and to teach one to re-evaluate his “baggage” according to the various situations presented by modern day life.
So if we occasionally use the word “formation,” it is only because it has become universally accepted.

There are three roads to adult learning:

  • Organized learning: those classically involving a trainer (teacher, instructor), a specified end to the learning and a course to follow.
  • Life lessons or destiny: life itself places before us tests and challenges and by overcoming arduous situations we acquire newfound skills, maturity and consciousness.
  • Paths opened by the desire for inner knowledge: the deep questions that every human being asks on the journey towards self awareness. Our very own inner self becomes a place of learning and it is there where we actually learn the most about ourselves.

Our Learning Laboratories lead us along these three paths contemporarily, and ISAIA, Istituto di Sviluppo Armonico dell’Individuo Adulto – Institute for Harmonious Adult Development – was created for this purpose.

Istituto ISAIA

The Higher Institute of Learning for Adults offers its Learning Laboratories to three different groups:

  1. Organisations
  2. Coaches and Consultants
  3. Private individuals